Work Samples


Health / Medical

University of Illinois College of Medicine: Spring 2018 issue of Illinois Medicine

Pennsylvania Physician: Freeing Doctors from Restrictions 

Security magazine: When Physical Intrusions Lead to Data Breaches


Community College Journal: Promoting Diversity at the Top

Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity: Schools Face the Challenge of Equal Opportunity Poverty 

Community College Daily:  Why the Census Matters for Community Colleges


Illinois Bar Journal: Out in the Open: Drug abuse and mental health issues

Wisconsin Lawyer: Jill Kastner: Let's get to work (president's profile)

Retail / Food Business

Meatingplace: Soak It Up: From the Carolinas to Texas to Korea, barbecue remains the champ

Path-to-Purchase magazine: You've Got a Friend (in E-Commerce)

Public Policy

National Partnership for New Americans: Descriptive statement of purpose document

Progressive Magazine: Undaunted by Pro-Corporate Trump Administration, Fight for $15 Pushes Forward

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